Front-end Developer

I help businesses like MrBeast FeastablesLunar Solar Group and Cloud Four build exceptional user experiences.

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  • Web Development

    Advanced JavaScript to modern web applications, you will benefit from superior code craftsmanship.

  • Vue.js Pro

    With a deep specialization in the Vue and Nuxt framework, I build high-quality web applications.

  • Shopify Expert

    Over 6 years of experience working with Shopify Plus — let's build something great.

Select Work

  • Lingo Blocks

    Custom AI assistants for websites.

  • Market Shower

    Stock market forecast tool for new investors.

  • Kush Rugs

    E-commerce storefront selling ethically sourced designer rugs. (Monumental Agency)

  • Shopful

    Social shopping network.

  • Gallery

    Stripped down showcase of large photographic content.

  • Investful

    Co-learning community for investors.

  • Zero Waste Love

    TEDx Talk featured zero waste guide.

  • Chat Ciao

    Minimalist chat utility that is secure and easy to use.

  • Hotfix CMS

    Minimalist CMS for Developers.

  • Voicemail Bio

    Anonymous voice messages for your link in bio.

  • Web Design Agency

    Showcase of design work for web agency.

  • Herray Events

    Social events and planning application.

Meet the Developer

About Me

My name is Juma Stevens. I'm a Front-end Web Developer and Shopify expert based in Portland, Oregon. I have over six years of experience building component-based web applications using the Vue.js and Nuxt.js frameworks. I strive for simplicity and craft high-quality work. I also enjoy working on projects with a team or independently. Some of my favorite challenges include building solutions that are a joy to use and solving tough client problems.


  • Vue.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • OpenAI
  • Firebase
  • Shopify Plus
  • Vite
  • Webpack
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • Figma


  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile First
  • Version Control
  • Design System
  • ES6/ES7/ES8+
  • BEM


  • Caroline Haber

    Director of PM at Lunar Solar Group

    I really enjoy working with Juma and appreciate so much all of his hard work. He is a valuable team member and am rooting for him in all of his future endeavors!

  • Megan Notarte

    Vice President at Cloud Four

    Juma is an incredibly talented engineer with the rare combination of technical expertise, problem-solving abilities and strong interpersonal skills.

  • Gerardo Rodriguez

    Senior Developer at Cloud Four

    Juma has lots of knowledge around the Shopify platform. He's also very proficient with the web trifecta of HTML/CSS/JS. He's incredibly talented and an excellent problem-solver. Juma is hands-down a great addition to any team.



For flexible projects with an open scope of work.

$150/ hour


For ongoing projects, requiring a commitment of 32+ hours per week.

$11,500/ mo


For a well-defined project with a clear scope of work.

$20,000+/ project